Plants: Excavated Shelves

Plant shelves allow flexibility in where plants are placed in the water garden. In addition, shelving increases the variety of plants to choose from since growing habits relate to water depth. Sloped sides limit both options.


Exposure to Sun

Locating the pond in an area of the yard that receives adequate direct sunlight will ensure that plants flourish. Aesthetics—a design allowing adequate coverage of plants on the surface area of the pond will enhance the visually beauty of the pond, reduce the amount of algae, and allow fish to relax and come out of hiding to be seen swimming about freely.



We avoid rock lined bottoms that eventually make sediment cleanup difficult. Sediment in the pond begins to harbor anaerobic bacteria that give off toxins harmful to fish. Our bare bottom pond designs make sediment removal quick and convenient.


Water Depth

The ideal depth for water gardens is 24 inches along the Wasatch Front. This depth allows fish to survive the winter. A pond too shallow will result in a loss of fish while a pond too deep requires unnecessary labor and expense in excavation.